letting Christ's love work through my hands

"Gentle woman, quiet light, morning star
so strong and bright,
gentle mother peaceful dove
teach us wisdom; teach us love."
Mother Mary, teach us how to pray.
Let me tell you about my little rosary boutique/ministry, Quiet Light Creations. I pray each rosary or chaplet while I make it for the intentions of whomever will pray with it next! Each design is inspired by a saint and their story, using different colored beads and textures to remind of that particular saint while I pray. The rosary pictured in the gallery above is inspired by Blessed Chiara Luce Badano, the joyful bride of Christ (one of my personal favorite designs).

I am no expert on the rosary- I forget to pray it every day, I always mix up the third Luminous & Glorious mysteries and my closing prayer is usually a mix of the rosary one & the Angelus one. But I learn by doing, creating, writing. I focus more when I have something tangible to make or hold. I pray these rosaries while I make them as a physical expression of my journey falling more in love with Christ. Why not share them with you?

My hope is that each rosary I make will touch the soul of its new owner, in the same way praying & making it moved my own soul closer to Christ. Keep in mind that the beauty of each rosary is meant to point towards Christ's own beauty, through the lives of His saints and the creativity of one of His daughters.

Always building, but in addition to the collections perpetually listed, this site has a gallery of previously made designs that can each be custom-requested and made again if you see something you like! If you have an idea for a custom order, I would love to do what I can to make it a reality- visit the Contact page to send me a message! 
Thanks for sharing in my quiet light...light one more candle in your path.

Lord make me a channel of your peace, a messenger of your will, a quiet light in the darkness. Always work through me.
St Joseph, pray for us!

~ Angela Maria Therese

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