It's all in the Name.

Gentle woman, quiet light

Morning star, so strong and bright

Gentle Mother, peaceful dove

Teach us wisdom, teach us love.

There is so much in a name and the name of my shop is very intentional. 

A quiet light is easily overlooked, but once it catches my eye and I pause for a minute to think - it always makes me wonder. The gentle crackling of the flame, and the power that it has to grow, even starting as something so little, is just amazing to me. 

The quiet light of the tabernacle candle points to someone so much greater just like the quiet light that Our Blessed Mother embodies points to someone so much greater. The simplicity of it all draws us into the mystery of faith genuinely, captures all of our attention so the temptation of being known or being acknowledged for any of our good works does not even cross our mind. It focuses our minds and hearts. 

This genuine faith, our choice to just wonder about it, is the seed of it all. We need that childlike wonder to first grasp our attention so He can build the foundation for all the rest that we are called to do. We are capable of amazing things and we are called to do amazing things, but it can be really easy to get caught up in the exterior words, works, whatever it is and to overlook the gentle, quiet, little light of faith that we first need kindle before we can do anything else. It's also easy to feel inferior in our faith when we compare ourselves to others who seem to do it all so well - to wonder if we're holy enough, to wonder if we are ready to do what we are called to do, to wonder if we even know how to pray. These worries spin out of control so fast. Taking a step back and finding that little, quiet light can refocus it all. It settles us down, bring us the peace we need, and the confidence that we are capable of fulfilling our daily vocations.

I hope that my little ministry here will show that we are all striving saints, we are not perfect, and the trap of comparison even in holiness is not what we are meant for. We each have a unique way to share Christ's Love with the world. We're not all made to proclaim, some of us are made to whisper. We're not all made to share our stories with a crowd, some of us are made to share them with a few. But we can know with certainty that it's always a few that God knows He will reach through our witness in a way that no one else can.

I want to share my faith authentically and simply through this little rosary boutique of mine and I hope that it will spark a little light in you. 

In Love,

Angela Maria Therese

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