Sweet Gianna, Small but Mighty

Sharing Stories. 

Our stories are one of the best ways for Christ to reach new hearts. He always speaks to us in ways we understand and the stories we share in our simple, raw, unedited words of our brokenness healed or our joy made complete make a lasting impact on those around us. The time we spend perfecting our stories, rewriting our thoughts, and questioning if we should share them is all washed away by the grace we find in simplicity and the words that just overflow from our hearts.

I cherish every story I hear of each person praying with a rosary I've made. I decided to start sharing these stories here and I hope that you'll cherish them as much as I do. 

This sweet little girl is a saint in the making. Her story gives so much meaning to my shop.

About a week ago I received this little message in a new order for a St. Gianna chaplet rosary:

"I love that this is prayed for the next person that will be using this, thank you.   I have a granddaughter Gianna whom we prayed to St Gianna before she was born, this is very special for her. What a great thing you do."

...and if that didn't warm my heart enough, a couple days later when the order went out, I read this email while I was at work (have your tissues ready!):

"Angela, little Gianna is an amazing little girl she will be 4 in June. Her prenatal diagnosis was very unsure of what she had in store for her. She was born then at 4 pounds, she had a surgery the day after she was born for a twisted bowel, and was diagnosed with some heart issues as well at age 1. She then had a heart surgery that removed one of her little valves that someday will be replaced and was on a feeding tube I believe till around 18 months, and later diagnosed with Noonan’s syndrome, but by the Grace of God it has caused her few issues other than being small. She is a tiny might and she will tell you she is small but mighty and a little bit of a balance problem at times. She is so precious as the whole church smiles as she goes to communion every Sunday with her little hands folded ahead of the rest her family and she enjoys her Good Shepherd preschool one day a morning.

She was put on this earth to bring joy to everyone.

So I thank you for praying to St Gianna while making the rosary and to St Gianna and our wonderful God. I already have told many about what a neat thing you are doing and about your shop. God Bless....."

I am sure that Gianna brings an irreplaceable joy to everyone she meets. Let this be the proof that our witness to His Love and our gratitude for His grace extends further than we know, to people we may never meet. I am so thankful for you, sweet little Gianna.

Let's start sharing our stories. 

In Love,

Angela Maria Therese

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